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Amateur Radio
Get on the air - Get your license


What is Ham Radio?

Amateur Radio (ham radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. People use ham radio to talk across town, around the world, or even into space, all without the Internet or cell phones. It's fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need.

I'm also a Amateur Radio operator and was licensed back in 2007..

I use my radio equipment from home, on the road as well as camping.. It allows me to enjoy the hobby 24/7 making contacts with my other Amateur Radio friends as well as many new ones.

Another important factor of Amateur Radio is Safety, by that I mean being able to stay in contact with other operators whilst in remote areas where Cell Phones don't work.

Go and get your license... it's easy.. See more from the Wireless Institute of Australia

Update !!!... While travelling I try to work the Albury Wodonga net from around 10am EST.. Freq. 7.097 Mhz LSB.. 

As well as the Candos Net around 4.30pm EST.

DStar - Now that I have a DStar capable radio. (IC-7100 / ID51A+ HT) and the Raspberry PI /DVMega, I can now enjoy what DStar has to offer.

Whilst travelling, and there is not local Repeaters, as long as there is a 3G/4G phone connection I can connect to the DStar network via my radio and the DVMega.

I will mostly be listening via 23 Charlie Reflector, 30C, and DSC28Q. Hope to make contact with you.


Radio Schedule


Whilst Travelling or Camping, I will try to use the following Schedule.


7.00pm AEST - 3.600 MHz LSB
7.05pm AEST - 7.100 MHz LSB (Only if no 7pm activity on 80m)

7.10pm AEST - 14.240 MHz USB (Best Used for Longer Distance)


Because of the way Dstar works, I have a DvMega Hotspot in my Caravan, and as long as I have a 3g / 4g mobile connection I can chat via the Dstar Reflector network.


Whilst travelling I usually listen to Reflector 1 Charlie or 23 Charlie.


Also whilst camped and if within a 3g / 4g tower, I will listen via the two above Reflectors.

I expect to be on these frequencies at the above times AEST.


NB. Because I am travelling with a Caravan and may not stay for a few days in one spot, using a more permanent antenna may not be an option. The use of my vehicle's HF Whip will be then in use.

NB. It may be necessary to tune a few kHz up or down from the above frequencies in order to avoid noise or existing QSOs so hunt around a bit and put out a call.


Digital Modes:

With the slow down of the HF bands and drastically less traffic, the smart Radio Operators are moving to the new and exciting world of Digital.


I am only a recent convert to Digital (D-Star), but I must say and have kick started my interest in Amateur Radio.

Also many of my friends have seen the massive benefit of D-Star or the other Digital Modes, however some think that it's not true Amateur Radio, I'm sure the same was said many many years ago when FM took over AM, but to most and in the spirit of Amateur Radio, many have taken it onboard and love it, allowing them to expand on their hobby, and meet no friends both local and around the world.

As I only currently use D-Star, I cannot comment on the other Digital Modes, however D-Star has given me the freedom to keep in contact with friends not only back home but around the world through the D-Star Digital Internet Gateway, as well as the range of HotSpot Devices and their ability to connect via wifi and to the 3g/4g phone network.


Give it a try, it's great fun and another way Amateur Radio is expanding. Hey we came from Spark Gap Radio, to AM, SSB, FM, and now Digital Voice..


Don't be a grumpy closed minded old person..  Give it a try and stay in touch with others with clear crisp communications.

My latest Toy.. The Jumbospot available from many places on Ebay.

This trick little device runs the Pi-Star software and not only allows you

to connect to D-Star Reflectors around the globe, but also has the many

other Digital Modes such as DMR, Fusion etc etc.

It simply connects to your Wifi device, then from your Digital Ham Radio

you can chat to the world.

No wonder the Digital modes are expanding at such a rate and HF is

is dropping off.. It's fun, and allows for clear communications to hundreds

of Reflectors around the world.




Icom 7100

Icom ID51A

DStar HotSpot

Last 10 logs

My latest setup... 

Icom IC-705 Qrp Radio and a big brother the Icom IC-7300.


Join the D-Star Reflector 91C team each Wednesday night.

  • Melbourne Aus. Time 7:30 PM or 9:30 UTC

  • Perth 4:30 PM

  • Darwin 6:00 PM

  • Brisbane 6:30 PM

  • Adelaide 7:00 PM

  • Japan 5:30 PM

  • New Zealand  9:30 PM

  • NZ Relay ZL1VHD


News line and world wide affilates from around the world all Amateur Radio news. Folowed by a brief 4 minute talk on 91 C Magazine.

Then the 91 C net open to all.


Another great D-Star Net every Thursday night.

Via Repeater VK3RWN Port C or via your own Hotspot on Reflector 023C

  • Melbourne Aus. Time 8:00 PM or 10:00 UTC

  • Perth 5:00 PM

  • Darwin 6:30 PM

  • Brisbane 8:00 PM

  • Adelaide 7:30 PM

  • Japan 6:00 PM

  • New Zealand  10:00 PM

  • NZ Relay ZL1VHD


Join the Victorian D-Star User Group and have chat.. Tell us about your week, you radio events and more.. Come on get on !

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