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More exciting then ever!

I must say, getting my Amateur Radio License back in 2007 was the best thing I have done for a while.

I use it every day and the excitement has not waned at all.

With so many remarkable Transceivers available now days and the features they all offer is amazing.

The digital modes allow us to incorporate a computer in contacting other Amateur Radio operators around the globe.

I have recently sold off and purchased some new rigs.

Shown here are my recent purchases..


Icom IC-705 QRP Low Power Transceiver for portable, home use.

So many features..

All mode, All band, Digital modes, plus Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Touch-Screen and more.


Icom IC-7300, full HF radio featuring AM, FM, SSB, Data and more. Designed primarily as a base station rig, the IC-7300 can also be used as a portable field radio.. It's compact and has a built-in antenna tuner.

So.. I'm ready for retirement ! And to play radio.

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