Setting up your Raspberry PI3 with PI-Star

Here is a simple guide to help you set up the PI-Star Image on to your Raspberry PI3.

Note that this setup is for the DVMega, although it mainly focus's on installing the PI-Star image on to your Raspberry PI3.

After receiving your Raspberry PI3 and DVmega, fit the DVmega to the Raspberry PI3.

Now... you need a high quality, high speeds Mirco SD Card, I recommend a know brand SD Card. At least an 8 Gig Card.. although the PI-Star Image will only use around 2 Gig. I used a 16 Gig SD Card.

You need to make sure your card is formatted to say Fat32, I suggest you download and install and run. SD Formatter. Download From Here.

Install the software on your PC and run the program, insert your Micro SD in to the PC, and Format the SD Card to Fat32.

You can leave the SD Card in your PC for the moment, now that you have formatted the SD Card it is ready for the next step.

Download the latest version of the PI-Star Image. from here.