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Why the Raspberry PI with Dvmega?

After many weeks of research and debating, I decided to purchase the Raspberry PI 3 and DVMega Board. (See places of purchase below)

But there were many other option... None I liked..

I wanted something really portable and small.


Shark RF was pretty strong contender, however, the one thing that did stop me was that it has no onboard Wifi..

To overcome this, you would then have to buy a small Wifi Router, plus a power supply for the Router and also a short Cat3/4 Ethernet cable..

This would then allow me to connect via Wifi from the SharkRF to a 3G/4G Dongle so to connect to the internet.

There were just too many pieces of hardware, and also reading that the selected TPLink Router was very unstable.. Too many things to go wrong.

Next... A Bluestack Mico to Raspberry PI... This is a tiny compact unit... However you require a Bluetooth connection from the Bluestack to a Computer or Phone to get access to the 3G/4G network..

This was no good for me, as my phone plan has only limited data... For someone who has a Smartphone with loads of Data, it could do the job..

Next.. A Dvap Access point... this has, if I'm not mistaken a USB connection to say a Computer which then must have a Wifi connection to the internet, no good for me.. too much hardware to start up and consume power..

There were a few other option, but the Simple and the latest Raspberry PI 3 and the latest DVMega with either Dual Band or Single Band (I when for the UHF Single Band) was the only option.

Apart from the Power Pack (Which I use a simple Power Pack with Solar) the unit is tiny and the DVMega simply connects to the top of the RP.. It sits in a clear plastic box with a small 50mm long antenna..

So far it's been running no stop for around days, and has not missed a beat.. no lockups... I also found that the reach even with the tiny antenna is around 3oo metres.. Simple Amazing..

I am also running the latest update of the PI-Star Image Operating System, running on the 16Gig SD Micro Card. More info to come..

Purchase information:

Raspberry PI3 and Case from:

DVmega Board and Antenna from:

Note: I used the cheapest freight method which I think is similar to our Australian International Express Post (Cost around 7 Euros)

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