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Around WA and then heading home...

We have done lots of things after hitting WA.. from Noresman we headed south staying at a few stops as we headed down to Esperance..

I must say Esperance is a beautiful town with magnificent ocean and bay views.. I would live there.. We then headed out to Lucky Bay and stayed a couple of nights... this was a highlight of our trip. Beautiful beaches, with the whitest sands I've ever seen.

After leaving Lucky bay we headed west through some very small towns, staying at a couple.

We continued to a couple of Tourist Railways, then on the Wave Rock.. From there we then headed north to the Wheat Belt area and camped out a couple of Granite Rocks (Massive Granite Rocks).. Also more beautiful camp spots.

From there we headed north to Menzies topping up supplies at Kalgoorlie.. A couple of nights at the the tiny town of Menizes and headed out to the famous Lake Ballard.. At that point in our trip we started to head home.. allowing us two weeks.

A couple of nights camping across the Nullarbor, also taking in some Whale Watching.. Amazing.

We are now back in S.A and camping at Tcharkuldu Rock near Minnipa. Another loverly camp spot.

That's it for now.

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