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RV Reminder

What do you need to do to your RV?

Add Reminders for maintenance or work needed to your RV

View , edit, archive selected reminders.

Integrates with your Notifications to notify you.

Store a Reminder to your Calendar to alert you.

Checklist for when you Depart or Arrive.

Simple touch to change status of your Checklist Item

Notes feature to remind you what you need to take or do.

All iCloud based data.. Access from your iPhone or iPad.


RV Reminder

iPhone App

Available Now !

RV Reminder..

A must have App for users of RV's, Motorhomes, Caravans, Camper Trailers etc..



Reminder Input:

Simply enter your own Reminder into the Text Field, or tap the Down Arrow to select from a Suggested List.

Select the Importance of the Reminder.. Normal or Important.

Select the Reminder Date and time, and Apples iOS Notification will remind you when the Reminder is due.

If you have also selected and allowed storing to your Calendar, a Calendar Event will be stored.. Another way of reminding you.


Suggestions for you:

You can add as many reminders of your own or simply be prompted by the many suggestions. Simple tap on the Blue Arrow to show the list, scrolling through the list with populate the text field above.. 

Tap on the Blue Arrow again to dismiss the list.

It's easy.


List your Reminders:

List your Reminders... See what's important or even completed... Tap a Reminder to Edit, Delete, Add to your Calendar or Archive, or Swipe to Delete.

The Archive features removes the Reminder from the list, removes it from your Notifications and places it in an archive list for later viewing.


Edit your Reminders:

You simply edit all your Reminders... Simply tap a Reminder from the list and you can:

  • Edit the Reminder Name.

  • Edit or add comments.

  • Change the importance.

  • Change the Date and Time to remind you.

  • Delete the record

  • Send to your Archives

  • Add to your Calendar.


Need a Check List?

Probably the most used portion of RV Reminder.

The Check List is a simple to use list that you use for when you arrive or depart from your Camp Site.

Create your own list for either Departing or Arriving at a camp site, or select from the Suggestions.

Once you have arrived and setup, simply list your Arrive checklist and Tap to confirm each step of your setup procedure. However, I think the most important it the Depart list. Either whilst preparing to depart or once you are about to leave.. Load up the list and simply Tap to check them off.. A simple yet important reminder. 


RV Notes:

An all-in-one package that has a Reminder, Checklist as well as RV Notes.. 

Create a Note Name and enter your text, it's that easy.

Store as many Notes as you wish an simply Select a note to view or edit via the scrolling list.

To delete a Note and it's contents, just swipe to delete.

RV Reminder Settings:

Simple and easy settings to adjust your RV Reminders to work the way you want it to.

  • Show more details when listing Reminders.

  • Show Suggestions selection.

  • Remember last Checklist Selection.

  • View your Archives

  • Store your created Reminders to your Calendar.

  • As well as a few tips on how to use the App.


RV Details:

A new edition to RV Reminder is RV Details. A simple database stored on your device.

For your quick reference of:

  • Registration/Licence Plate No.

  • Brand

  • Model

  • Year

  • V.I.N Chassis Info

  • Comment Area

As well as Weight details for both Plated and Weighed value.

Plated Values:

Store the weights etc that are marked on the RV's compliance plate for quick reference.

Weighed Values:

Similar to the above, but these are the value after your have weighed your RV using a Weighbridge or similar.

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